English F-4: Introduction

Making meaning through text, images and audio

TTF_ENG_F_4_AW_1The study of English is central to the learning and development of all young people because it connects them to their own thoughts and feelings, the thoughts and feelings of others, and enables them to understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them. Formal and informal teaching in language, literature and literacy enables young people to take active roles in their world and can bring wonder, excitement and knowledge into their lives.

'Who am I? Creating personal narratives' has been developed from the Year 2 level Australian Curriculum: English content descriptions but is aimed at all teachers of students working at the F-4 levels of English and could be adapted for any of those levels. It focuses on the teaching and learning of skills and knowledge in language, literacy and literature within a TPACK framework.

We live and learn through interactions between our senses, our experiences and our thinking. Increasingly our communication modes are becoming more sophisticated as we engage in a broader range of media types, genres and contexts. Most children eagerly take on the role of designer/developer but purposeful study of the grammars used in the construction and analysis of multimodal texts equips children to be critical consumers and effective producers of such communications.

The Australian Curriculum for English reflects our immersion in a multimodal world. To be articulate in this world we have to be able to interpret, understand, link and develop communications through the use of written language, images, audio, gestural and spatial modes of meaning.

TPACK supports teachers in using their knowledge about technology, pedagogy, content, learners, and context to provide transformative teaching and learning experiences. (Angeli and Valanides)

In this package we will be exploring and modelling how you might use the TPACK model to develop a unit of work to teach students to analyse and create multimodal texts.

Drop into the bits you think look most interesting or have a look through the whole package - it is designed to let you choose the material relevant to you.

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